Press Release: Anti Poverty Crusader Appeals to the Spirit of America

Press Release Source: Grass roots nonprofit organization is taking the unemployment situation by storm and has devised five programs to stop and reduce unemployment throughout the United States. Goodyear, AZ, April 23, 2009 –(– “Fighting Unemployment One Resume at a Time” Founder and President Joshua Turner of the newly established charitable organization Help My […]

Motivation for Job Search

Article Source: Entering the world of job hunting for the first time or for the first time in a long time can be quite daunting but at the same time exciting as you anticipate that dream job being yours. You get busy with all the preparation needed to research and apply for vacancies and […]


The cornerstone and namesake of Help My Resume is our no-charge professionally written resume rewriting service. Although an individual may be equipped with an impressive set of job skills, many don’t know how to clearly express and present their uniqueness and value to a perspective employer, via a well written and strategic structured resume. Subsequently, […]