Sample Resumes and Examples

While re-writing my own resume sometime back, I had to figure how to show my consulting work along with my day job.  Both are marketing-related and I really wanted a format that showed what I do, but was easy on the eyes.  I have even helped re-write resumes for professions I do not know about […]

Use Numbers to Highlight Your Accomplishments

Source: By Peter Vogt, Monster Senior Contributing Writer If you were an employer looking at a resume, which of the following entries would impress you more? Wrote news releases. Wrote 25 news releases in a three-week period under daily deadlines. Clearly, the second statement carries more weight. Why? Because it uses numbers to quantify […]

Surviving Unemployment

Source: By Malcolm MacMillan Entertainment Correspondent The quick decline in the North American stock markets in the last few weeks has many of us on edge. With an uncertain economic future ahead, that job that you don’t like very much might be worth hanging onto — at least it’s better than nothing. Chrysler’s announcement […]

Networking For Introverts

Article Source: We’ve all read enough articles and books about jobs and careers to know that networking is an essential tool to have in your career toolbox and I won’t reiterate all the reasons why. However, there is a problem with networking: many people dislike it and some avoid it completely. Though extroverts tend […]

12 Negotiating Tips for Job Seekers

Article Source: Negotiating is a very important part of the job search process. It can set the tone for your work life and experience with the employer. These are some suggestions to consider when you receive a job offer. Negotiating is a two-way street. Try to achieve a win-win situation. It’s up to you […]